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Will share Marketing/Operating Cost. Anyone for partnership?

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For USA based, niche eCommerce/Dropship store which sells high end, exclusive, expensive products (minium product cost - $75 or above), I have an offer.

I am looking for 5-10 eCommerce stores for a win-win partnership where you keep your eCommerce profit while I share your operating and/or marketing cost depending on what you are selling and how much traffic you are getting on your website.  In some sense, I am interested to see more traffic on your site. 

What's there for me? I have a service for eCommerce buyers/sellers and I am in beta phase so want to do a proof of concept. My other choice is to run some eCommerce stores myself but that will distract me from my main mission. Instead I will spend and get data that I need.

If my service is needed or applicable in eCommerce? 
How it will help eCommerce owners to increase conversion rate?
What % of your traffic will use option to deal with you (seller) through my service?
What kind of support eCommece store needs from me?

No cost to you ofcourse.  If interested, please send me email with your store details. Your feedback, comments on my service is welcome anyway. Please see video.



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