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Would like some opinions about my store please , thanks !

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Hello , I m new here and I recently started an online store . I would really appreciate any advice or critique regarding on what i v done wrong so far or what are the things that I have to do in a short time frame in order to have a good start . I m open to any kind of criticism so please give your best 🙂 . Thank you in advance for the time to check out my store , regards , Hajo

p.s.: please take a moment and look at my website , at least to tell me if i m on the right way or what i should do different !

Thank you very much all , regards , Hajo

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Hi Hajo

Just a little bit of feedback as a potential customer. I'm writing this very quickly so forgive me for being a bit straightfoward in how I'm phrasing things...

1) My first impression is - well, I'm not sure, the homepage looks like it could be some sort of website for inspirational quotes. Everything under 'Sun and Feather' is confusing, I'm not sure what any of it means. It's not clear this is a retail store until I scroll down and see your products and prices. Then I thought 'oh, that necklace was actually a product'. Customers want to see what your selling asap.

2) get rid of the rewards program stuff. It's just more 'stuff' that clogs up the homepage and as a customer who has never been to your store I just find it a bit irritating. It's not making me want to buy from you and it detracts from your products.

3) Not a huge fan of the name of the site 'Happy Things...' makes me think it should be for children. It reminds me of the $2 Shops we have here which import in cheap chinese products (not saying this is a bad thing in itself, just not something that appeals). The name of your store should appeal to your target audience.

4) Who am I buying from? Add an 'About Us' page with a professional photo. I want to be emotionally invested in you and your store.

5) It's obvious that whoever created this website doesn't speak English as their native language (again, not saying this is a bad thing, only that you should get someone who speaks English as their first language to help you tidy up some of the language since English speakers seem to be your target audience).

6) The money back guarantee badge makes it feel a bit cheap. Am I going to buy a product and want to return it? It doesn't fill me with confidence. Maybe add a line under your Refund Policy instead.

7) There are too many fonts on the homepage which make it look too busy. Your choice of font says a lot about you and your store. What kind of feel are you going for? Tribal, bohemian, modern and upmarket, ethnic and funky? The aesthetics of your store should reflect this. Who are you trying to target as a customer? If it's men and women then maybe go for something more neutral (the purples and pinks are quite feminine and might turn off potential male customers).

😎 You will find here all those little things who make our life beautiful every day and makes us smile every time we wear them . Happiness lays in the small things , enjoy !

How about something like this instead:

'....who says everyday wear can't be beautiful....'

or something like that?

9) There doesn't seem to be any candles under your candle menu.

10) Keychains and jewellery - I get. The inclusion of candles seems a bit random. Are you trying to sell too many 'things'?

Good luck and best wishes!


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Thank you so so much for taking the time to answer me , indeed you are totally right about some things , the rest , like the money back stuff , the rewards program .... are just things i did after reading other ppl advices here in other similar situations with mine . When more ppl said those things are more or less a must for a trusty website i did them too 🙂 .... but i will modify and change ! About candles - this store actually started from the candles idea and now we are waiting for the photos , because candles we make here handmade , in tenerife , and are candles with a nice surprise inside and sand from beach . The rest of the products are dropshipping stuff . Store is only open for like 7 - 10 days , this is why i really wanted a feedback and advices , good or bad becuse i m really trying to start on the right feet here ! Thank you again for taking the time to answer me ! Regards , Hajo

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Everyday store sound like heap Chinese one dollar store. 90% of those wanting to start a store have similar items than you offer either jewellery or T-shirts. the only items which are sort of unique are the shoes. The candles seem to be heavily overpriced. Before trying to work on the website I would try to figure out something you cannot buy in millions of sites all over the web!

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Hello and thank you for your answer - I can understand what you say about everybody selling the same things and i will think about that . Now regarding the candles , we do make the candles here in Tenerife and they are hand made .... also , we offer free shipping and shipping from here is a bit more expensive then in other parts , think that for example to ship a candle in jar in Spain for example costs arround 3,5 euro and for the rest of the countries in Europe more . Then you have actual costs of the parafin and the rest which here on the island are a bit more expensive then in other countries - here we always have one factory on the whole island from where you can ctually buy products to make candles . If you think we offer a jewelry inside candles and also a smaller candle as gift I really don t think the prices are too much . After explaining you all the reasons that led us to the prices for candles please when you have a moment tell me how much would you charge for one in my place . Thank you