Would love to hear your feedback on my landing page!

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Hello Community,

I hope this post belongs here since the other thread is about stores and for me, landing pages are more about marketing.


I'm selling instrumentals to rappers with licenses. In a bundle there are 15 instrumentals that come with nearly unlimited rights so the rapper can do what ever they want with the beats.


As an extra, I offered a discount + an e-book I wrote for the first 25 customers and will drive influencer and paid traffic to the page.

I designed the landing page from scratch with gempages, so I'm a bit curious what I can improve.


Landing Page: https://vavibeats.com/pages/balance


Thank you very much!






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Please work on loading speed for mobile, Mobile Responsiveness and UX Design.


Thanks & Regards

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Nick here from Shopify. 


I really like your landing page and think it looks very professional. It looks like you've put a lot of work into it and that really shows. 


I found it difficult to give some major feedback as I think you have a really great page here. There's one thing I did notice though which I feel you could add is to have some social media buttons to enable people to share the page or certain aspects of it. Shopify has a guide which goes through the steps on how to add custom social media buttons to pages which you can see here. Something to note is that the tutorial shared is not supported by Shopify. If it's something you feel you might not be comfortable doing yourself, it could be worth reaching out to a Shopify expert about it. 


Something else I thought was the discount is very high and some people (not all but some) might be suspicious of why it's such a heavy discount with it being more than half off. You do have a limited amount though, so it makes sense in that way. This is being very nitpicky though. 


Other than that, I would say to market it and get it out there more as I think it hits all the nails on the head. It looks well, offers good information, has a sample, FAQ. Just getting the word out and the page in front of more eyes is the best next step. Have you thought of any ways or done any marketing for it yet? A good first step could be looking into some SEO. Shopify has a good starter guide for SEO here as well as an SEO business checklist blog which I would highly recommend checking out. 


All the best, Nick 

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Thank you very much for the amazing information Nick! Really helped me and I was happy about the kind words.

Have a great week,