Would you like to get FREE audit on your social media? I will share some strategies as well.

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Let’s talk about getting the most out of social media for your Shopify store.
If you’re just starting out (or sometimes even if you’ve spent many months on your Shopify store), it’s a struggle to get quality traffic and sales. Most sellers rely on things like Adwords, Facebook ads and SEO to generate traffic… but not everyone makes the best use of one free marketing channel that everyone has - social media.

Do you have a social strategy? What is it? How relevant is it to your target audience or is it just what everyone else is doing?

Working at a startup that makes social media tools for online sellers, I get to work with hundreds of Shopify and eCommerce sellers. I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. Every online seller I work with has a different target audience and social strategy. I’ve learnt quite a lot from each of them.

I wanted to share this learning with you people: I will do a complete social media audit for your business and will suggest ideas to improve your social media strategy (due to many requests for audit it may take me few days to reply)

Just mention your store URL & email in the thread. (It may take few days to audit and reply as I want to really dig deep and provide super-valuable, actionable insights in the audit)

I will also love to learn from you 🙂 Share your own experience in social media, what worked for your store and what didn't! This will help other sellers too.

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