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Would you make a purchase? Your Honest Opinion!

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Shopify Community. Looking for your honest feeback and insight.

My store Shop.GodFirstAthletics.Com is up and running. I want to know would you feel comfortable and confident enough to make a purchase?

Do you like the products available? 

What things need to be modified to give my clients their best experience?

I've been working very hard on this store, designing the website, productes etc. Only I have not received the sales or even views as predicted.

Thanks for your time.


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I have visited your store.Its looking perfect and your every product are nice.

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Hi there,

I took a look at your website and despite it's well designed and your products are unique, there's a room for improvement. I have a few remarks:

Your brand has a nice logo (I have seen it on your products) but you don't use it on your website at all. I think it would look much better to place the logo at the top left corner of your webpage.

You don't have any Contact us page. I can see your address and email address are on your About us page but customers expect having a separate page with contacts and contact form as it's easy to find and easy to use.

Your T-shirts are quite expensive. If you have a good reason for that (high quality of the material, long-lasting prints, donating to a charity), you can mention it in your products descriptions.

You've mentioned that you don't have enough sales or even views. I don't know if you're running any advertising campaigns but if you manage to bring some traffic to your store but you don't have sales, you might want to try our app ROI Hunter Easy. It generates personalized ads with products your visitors left in the cart or have browsed. Sometimes, the visitors make a purchase immediately but usually, they need more than one visit to make a decision and it's good to remind them of your store.

If your website traffic is low, you'll need to increase it somehow. Here's an article that can help you at the beginning.

Best of luck!


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I think religious material can be touchy and perhaps your niche is very small. I believe its all about connecting to the right people, so you need to find the correct demographic to advertise to. Test out different demographics with each ad you place and see what works best. Think outside the box as to where you should advertise. 

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Hey, thought I would take a peak while I am looking around for more information on making my site better as well.

I think your site looks great like previously mentioned you are missing a Contact Us page, having one can greatly increase a customers trust in your brand. Your T-Shirt prices are also fairly high, they are somewhat out of the range for what I would think impulsive buying would be. However, you have a very passionate, but large niche you can target to which may balance out for you fairly well.

To answer your question I would definitely trust your website!

Best of luck!

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Your store looks awesome! Great designs and a wide variety of products. Samaritan Goods can automate donations to GFA Charity for you. Also, have you done any Facebook marketing? Feel free to reach out to me for help... I truly love your brand and mission and want to see you succeed!