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Hi Guys,

Opened up a new e-commerce CBD Marketplace.  Trying to figure out what additional steps we can take, to see additional traffic.  I did a bit of research on SEO, and tried to set our keywords for the most popular ones, and I know it takes time to see it increase in rankings.  Setup a FB & IG account, and slowly getting our social media going.


Any other suggestions, tips, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Since we are working with a limited start-up budget, DIY tips are GOLDEN!


Thanks in advance.

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Better optimize your product URL by avoiding duplicate words. Avoid using "and", "or". Provide a descriptive title and product description.

I recommend using SEO APPs such as flare, which regularly and verifiably submit your store content to major Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

Hope this was helpful.


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Great effort on the site and there are lots of scopes of improvements. You can improve the overall user experience which might help you increase sales and gain loyal customers.

Below I'm listing few UI/UX related suggestions of improvements: 

-Make sure that in product pages (eg: CBD Oil) the products are at the priority. The products should be above the collection descriptions. Suggested page structure will be something like this: H1 & One para text then below that> Filters then below that> Products then below that> CBD Oil FAQs

-Enable users to add products from collection pages and homepage, here's an example. This way the user will be able to add the products to the cart from the same page. For this, you might also need to use regex add to carts. 

There are many more suggestions related to UX improvements so let me know if you need more. I'm helping out startups and well-known brands on Shopify to flourish during COVID-19 (free of cost) so let me know if more suggestions needed. I can make a doc for you and with help of that doc, you will be able to make the changes yourself. 

Overall SEO related efforts are good as well and yes SEO takes time. Few things I noticed are missing that can boost you site on searches such as collection schema and product schema markups so I suggest you look into that.

Keep building good backlinks and maintain SEO (off-page, on-page, and technical SEO) and you will start ranking on long-tail keywords with medium or less competition.  

Let me know if you need help with any of the above and if these solutions worked.

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Hi @TheCBDHaven_com

CBD is a growing industry so it's good that you are an early adopter. Regarding marketing questions, I have a few suggestions: 

  • Focus on inbound marketing - since CBD products are in demand, write excellent blog posts so that customers can find you 
  • Temporarily stay away from Facebook Ads - with the election happening, Facebook Ads became too unpredictable with ad accounts got shut down left and right 
  • Utilize influencer marketing - this a well-suited marketing method to bypass the laws and policy on CBD products. 
  • Create and manage Facebook Groups - CBD is a relatively new products, so people are bound to have questions. 

I hope that helps - check out other tips on selling CBD here

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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