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My site is

I am looking for help with my marketing strategy. After zero sales in the 1st month I think although I have learnt a lot, I might be approaching things incorrectly.

First off, I launched with a basic shop. Landing page, products and a basic contact form page. Created a Facebook page and fb pixel. I started running facebook/instagram ads to people ($5-20 a day).

Things I’ve tried:

Carousel ads of products – I ran carousel ads of my products to try to get some traffic and hopefully sales.

Hard selling – I tried throwing out flash promotions with % sales.

Blog posts – I added a blog to my site and started posting the articles I write to my facebook page and promoting them.

Collections of products – I’ve tried advertising collections of products (by same artist)

Retargeting – Although I do not have much page landings, I tried retargeting people who’d looked at collections with adverts of products out of those collections.

Improving site – Adding about us page, delivery and returns pages, adding information about the quality of our products and more info to contact us.

Audiences Interests - As far as interests go I’ve tried my competitors pages, photography, different art galleries, fine art groups, and also related “liked” pages from audience insights.

Audience Location – I’ve mainly tried targeting the top 4 countries (USA, Canada, UK and Australia) for my “likely to get a sale” type audience. Where as I’ve tried 3rd world countries for my engagement type audiences. I’ve also looked at where search terms like “art prints” are most popular and created a list 15 of so top “art buying” cites in the world and focused down on those.

Email capture – I’ve recently added email capture popup on landing and exit intent to start building an email list, so far no sign ups. I just added a $10 discount offer to it also.

Softer Ads – More recently, I am cutting out the cheap looking “20% off today!” type ads and going for a more classy type of ad, no hard selling.


What I’ve experienced:

Click cost on my better performing “top 4 county” campaigns have cost me around $1-2 per click. I’m not sure if this is good, but I’d like to get it lower.

They also don’t have much reach (obviously this depends on budget) but I seems to hit in the hundreds of people a day.

On my engagement style campaigns to 3rd world countries they get a lot of impressions but likes and engagement is actually quite low still, say 20 likes at best. It would take lots of money to get the 1000+ engagements I see when people explain using 3rd world countries for your social proof.

The cost of the 3rd world click though/interaction is more down to like $0.12


What I plan to do

Maybe I’m not running the ad’s long enough for them to “learn” enough. I’m running the ads 3-5 days and then split testing/trying new things. My problem is traffic is so low it’s hard to see differences when click through are like 5 people. Maybe I should be spending more to get more data?

I’ve started an Instagram page, and am posting to it and building a free following.

I think because I’m selling high-ticket items, I should be focusing on cultivating an engaged group of people instead of focusing on sales. I’ve seen lots of facebook ads talk about getting your advert to have engagement first as social proof, then hit cold traffic from top 4 countries, then retarget the warm traffic. I’ve tried this cycle over say a week or two for an ad, but I think perhaps I should try this with my entire strategy. Perhaps I do not try to sell anything for the first 6 months. I just try building my Instagram following, facebook page and email list as much as possible. And once I’ve got a lot of people in my ecosystem so to speak I can then start thinking about selling.

Improve site and product pages. My product pages are not full of information and are quite basic. I’d like to improve them , but until I’m getting good streams of traffic at affordable prices I don’t see the point in wasting time there until I’m ready to start tweaking and increasing conversions.

I’ve done No SEO and plan to do some, maybe even use adwords but I've heard it's expensive for traffic.






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Hi Artehaus

I think you're right what you're saying about building a community of people that you can market to over time.

This gives the opportunity to ask them if there's other product lines they may like to compliment what you're currently offering.

In regards to 3rd world countries, I think they would be able to come up with a copy at a fraction of the price, to be honest.

You may want to look at some cheaper alternatives to draw in visitors to your site.