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Zero activity from Google Shopping campaign despite status being fine?!

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Greetings. As per title, I have setup a Google Shopping campaign from within Shopify and using the Google Shopping app. All requirements have been met, products have been imported, Google Shopping fields have been edited for all enabled products, billing and whatever is configured, generous daily budget set, merchant requirements from Google regarding contact details on website are easily met (present in footer and we have live chat), the website is not some janky fly-by-night looking thing, AdWords already in operation & linked to Google Analytics for the store etc. No matter what page I check there is no indication of an issue.

It's been 5 days and the Google Shopping campaign has zero expenditure, zero sessions, zero everything basically. Clearly, nothing is being done by Google. When configuring the keywords during setup Google reckoned the audience size was quite large for my country, and I only used keywords that were relevant to what my company sells and that were not the names of other businesses or anything otherwise untoward. As far as I can tell my products are nicely configured too, so I don't know why they could be the potential issue. These are quality products, many of which my company manufactures, and all have professionally taken product photos on a perfect white background.

Any assistance regarding Google Shopping would be appreciated. It's frustrating to have something not work, but far more so when no feedback is provided as to why. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Charles,

Is it possible that your Google Merchant center wasn't approved? It might be due to reasons that are related to your website.

You can read more about the possible issues and how to fix them in this article:


If you still having issues, you might want to try to advertise on Google Shopping using AdScale.

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Hope I could help.


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Thanks for the reply. I had a look at your link and I have no reason to think my store will fall short of Google's requirements. It looks like info I've come across in Shopify's documentation about advertising with Google. 

Hard to believe Google can't just send a message about why something isn't working, especially when they're just throwing revenue away by not doing so.

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If there are not errors in Google Merchant Center or Shopify, and you have waited 5 business days, then contact Google directly :


Hope this helps.


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Two common blockades that will throttle any shopping campaign deliverability:

  1. Are the products approved in Google Merchant Center? Go inside your MC account to see.
  2. What bidding strategy and amount are you using on average across the products?

You will also find helpful this chapter of Google Shopping for Shopify to maximize impressions and clicks of your products.

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