404 not found. Need help getting basic shopify api access working to incorporate requests into flow

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Hi All. I am a little lost on getting basic api access setup to make rest calls from the shopify flow tool.


GreenWagonHub is a custom app I have created in the shopify develop apps menu and given api access to. I have generated the access token and saved it


I found the api docs where it says to structure the api request as:

following this example my output request string is:
then it says to add the X-Shopify-Access-Token to the header and add the access token as the value.
my access token is a variety of shpat********.
I have done all of these things and no matter what I always get a 404 not found.
I have professional experience in .net(web), database and api development. I believe I have set it up as explained, but nothing is working.
I would love if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong and if you could provide an example that would be even more helpful. Once I get a basic get request functioning I can take it from there. I have been testing my request using postman if anyone has done the same that would be even better.
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Uhm is greenwagon hub the name of the developer shop you are using?


cause when I go to https://greenwagonhub.myshopify.com/ I get the shop is not available.





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Yes that is the name of the shop I created. I am assuming from your comment I haven't correctly activated the shop. I created the app and I installed it using an option in the menu. Am I missing something here?