Adding Liquid Files to the correct folders with Theme App Extensions

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I am developing an app that allows users to build a page on their Shopify store to use some forms I've developed.


With Theme App Extensions, how can you add files to the theme in the correct places? I need the app to add:


1 Liquid file to 'Layout',

1 JSON file to 'Templates',

1 Liquid file to 'Sections'


I built the theme app extension based on the documentation, and have had no problems with the other parts of App Bridge, I just can't get these files inserted into the theme where I need them. I develop with Python and React typically  and I'm not too familiar yet with Shopify's themes.


I can add the files manually to the theme and have everything work, but the theme app extension files never show up. I've tried adding the directories ('layout', 'templates', 'sections') to the extensions/[my-extension] directory, as well as using the directories that show up in [my-extension], but no luck. If I can post any screenshots/code that would be helpful, please let me know and I will. I just don't know what would be helpful here.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried adding 'target': "TEMPLATES'/'LAYOUT'/'SECTIONS" to your liquid files? This should resolve the issue.

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Just tried it and the deploy script kicks it back. Might try lower case/etc. Thanks for the answer!