After deployment not able to view the changes of checkout extension-only app

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I've developed a checkout UI extension-only app, targeting purchase thank-you customer-information render-after. After installing the app in the store and disabling the development store preview in the extensions menu, I ran the following two commands successfully:


npm run build
npm run deploy


However, despite these steps, I'm unable to see my app content on the store. Interestingly, when using npm run dev command, I can see my content, but it disappears once I close it.


Could you provide guidance on how to deploy the code without relying on hosting services? Any insights into resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. As Shopify mentions that we do not need a server for extension only app.

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Same problem here with checkout-ui extension deployment not working.


Following the help guide that simply adds a field to the checkout page ( results in an extension-only app that works in dev "preview" mode but not when actually "installed" on the same dev/test store, nor when installed as a "custom app" on a ShopifyPlus store.