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I'm working with a client that has a plugin for Jira. He is looking for opportunities to port the app to other platforms.

Would you kindly to answer the following questions:

Is your extension/app platform limited to certain operating systems?


What is the commission structure for paid apps? Does this vary depending on tiers or other variables?

Are developers required to charge a minimum price ?
Are developers required to charge a maximum price ?

Are free tiers of your service entitled to free apps, or can developers still charge for apps for the free tier of your product?

Are there any planned changes/discontinuations to the service (plans)?

Is there any public data on estimated paying customers/subscribers to the platform?


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Shopify Staff
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Hi there 👋

I would recommend you start by reviewing our developer documentation. There you will find information about App Billing, breaking changes to the platform, and requirements for the Shopify App Store.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Would you kindly answer the questions one by one?  I was unable the answers to most of my questions in your links.