App extensions not showing on production app (CLI App)

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So I have copied this app template from shopify: It is a volume discounts app with some Admin App extensions for in the shopify admin dashboard. I have made some minor changes to the extensions such as an if statement on when to show the discount.

My problem is that when hosting the app, and deploying it to production, my app extensions don't show up anymore. So in my local environment it works just fine. I am hosting my production app on, followed the deploying docs, and the app itself works fine. But just the admin extensions don't show up in the production app.


I know that you have to deploy those extensions by running:

npm run deploy

you are pushing new changes of the app extensions (or first release) to production, but mine are not showing.
And I know that they are connected to the correct app in the partners dashboard since I can see when they are updated.

Am I missing something why they are not showing?


Kind regards,
Dane Koenders

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