Can Checkout UI extension be a public app on App store?

Can Checkout UI extension be a public app on App store?

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Looking for help as I am really struggling with documentation in terms of difference between all the different terminology for Apps Vs Extensions and then further Custom vs Public Apps and then Vs Extension only apps.


What I have done so far?

I have created via CLI a non remix app with an extension which is a Checkout UI extension. This has all worked fine.

What sort of app am I trying to create?

I am trying to create an Checkout UI extension I can put on the Shopify app store to help users on Checkout page. I do forsee using the billing API to set up subscriptions for this extension.


What's confusing me?


This paragraph on the documentation site has me very confused.


Extension-only apps

Extension-only apps are apps that don't have embedded app pages. Because they're made up entirely of extensions, you can host extension-only apps on Shopify.

Extension-only apps have a Shopify-populated app URL, which you can optionally change, to build embedded app pages or list your app on the Shopify App Store.


Extension-only apps must be custom apps.

Is this basically saying if you built an app which is mainly an extension , and I don't forsee a need to build a embedded app store, I can't be on the shopify app store because then I must be a custom app?

Whats the path forward if you want to put a Checkout UI extension on the app store?

Am I right in saying if I want to put my checkout UI extension on Shopify app store I need to recreate my extension under a remix template so I have a notion of an "app" rather than extension-only app. I also then need take care of hosting of my app. My Checkout UI extension would then live as part of the remix app.

Any help to clarify above would be greatly appreciated.

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