Can't access Order data on Order Status Page ?

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Hello dear Shopify Partners, Employees and alike,

I'm working on an app for the order-status page, and I need to access some data regarding the order.



  • The useOrder hook provided to the extension target only has the ID and the name of the order.


  • The useApi -> query Storefronts GraphQL API provided to the target doesn't have the 'unauthenticated_read_customers' scope, which is required to access the order data. (changing the app scopes doesn't affect this api)


  • When attempting to solve this with a Proxy call of a Remix App, where the data would be obtained via AdminAPI, this attempt fails, because the order-status page is hosted outside of the store domain ( and therefore the proxy (which to my knowledge can't be modified) refuses the request because of CORS.

I'll be glad if I'm just missing something trivial.

However if I'm not missing anything, this is a serious issue on the Shopify side, and in that case, the most welcome solution would be the addition of the 'unauthenticated_read_customers' scope to the query method provided by the useApi hook.

Either way - thanks for any help in advance.

Kamil Václavek - Shopify Checkout Extensibility Specialist
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