Can't See Logs Of Payment Customization In Production

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In the partner dashboard, under my app, under extensions, under payment-customization, i can see logs only of dev stores and not logs of production stores (shops that actually installed our app through the merchant link ). We have a store that the function doesn't work properly (doesn't give data ) and I need to see the logs and to debug the function. Is there any way to see the logs of real stores?



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Hi Rishika_286,


For privacy reasons, Shopify doesn't provide access to logs for production stores through the Partner Dashboard. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of merchants' data.


However, to debug issues for your app in a production store, you can implement comprehensive logging within your app by writing logs to a file or an external logging service every time your performs an important action.


You could also send a merchant a collaborator access invite to see if there are settings on their admin which might be causing the issue they are experiencing.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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I have collaborator access for production store and app installed successfully then why payment customization function not working and not showing logs in app and partner panel for both store is same. 

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@Liam Hello 
I have the same issue. 

Based on this article

"Network access isn't supported. For example, you can't send HTTP requests to your app's backend as part of the function's logic. However, you can pre-populate data by using metafields on products and customers, or passing data using cart attributes."

How can I send data to external network?