Checkout Extensibility Upgrade; Post-Purchase and Order Status Page Scripts

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We are on the process of upgrading to Checkout Extensibility and currently have scripts on our Post-Purchase page(tracking and upsell) and Order Status Page(tracking). Will they be affected by the upgrade? Or can I leave them as they will be okay with the upgrade? We are currently working on Shopify functions for other discounts we included via Shopify Scripts but I need to know if the Post-Purchase page and Order Status Page scripts will need to convert that to Shopify Functions as well. Thanks!

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I know that it mentioned Pixels here for tracking but it's just recommended so can we still use our existing tracking scripts here?

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Hey @syodev 


According to the docsafter you upgrade to checkout extensibility, advanced customizations to your Thank You or Order Status pages will continue to be completed through checkout.liquid and apps. Everything else will be removed.


You can always test and then revert. Instructions here.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hi @SBD_ !

Thank you for your response! Just to clarify, so any scripts I added to the Post-Purchase(this is the Thank You page, correct?) and Order Status page will still work after upgrading to Checkout Extensibility. Correct? Just making sure we are on the same page.