Checkout Extension Storage API

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We are using the checkout extension, and we want to add the ability to show/hide our extension for specific shoppers, based on a boolean value that the merchant passes and we want to be able to retrieve in the extension.


1. We thought to use the Storage API for that purpose, but we found out that we can only read data that was created by an extension, since it's using a separated key, with a value that contains all keys under a generated key in the structure of:

"v1gid://Shopify/App/{app-id}-{random-series-number}-{storage key}": "value"

All other (external) keys are not accessible.


2. We thought to use customer metafields, but it is only relevant for logged in customers, and we want to be able to hide the extension also when the shopper is logged out / don't have an account.


3. Another option we considered is using the cart notes, but seems that we cannot access it from the extension (we can only access the cart lines).

Do you have any suggestion that may help us getting this functionality?



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