Checkout UI extension not showing on top

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Checkout UI extension not showing on top

Below is target i set in toml file


target = "purchase.checkout.block.render"
module = "./src/index.jsx"
and below is how we render our extension

export default reactExtension(
  () => <Extension />,

We are facing problem to show extension on top of left side of checkout in one page checkout. In the editor it's show on top left but not in real checkout



This is only happen with single page checkout.

Let me clear that in real checkout our extension only load when customer logged in and they have credit balance.

We face this issue in our testing store and also in our client shopify plus stores.

Any help appreciated. 

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Hi Devnip,

I have also faced a similar issue. My store has a similar feature input field with some text info that needs to be at the top of the checkout page. It was working fine till we moved to single page checkout. It seems an issue with single page implementation. Any findings and suggestions would be helpful.