Client is telling me custom collection sorting is impossible and I am not sure if they are right

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So I am new to Shopify development and this is the first project I am taking on. The client wants the products in the collections to be ordered like so 


New products that have a specific tag 
Products that are neither new or on sale 
Products on sale 


So I tried doing this with Liquid as they were displayed to the client and found out pretty quickly that wasn't a good solution. Then I started looking into the Admin API specifically collectionReorderProducts. I can query products by collection ID and sort them and then use collectionReorderProducts. I have the app already setup that can be installed through a link that gives the app the access token required to use the Admin API. My only concern is there are over 10,000 products in some collections and I see you cant filter Collection.products by active and draft status which sucks. I saw that you can use bulk operations to make this a little more efficient so I may do that. 


The client said they reached out to a couple different agencies that told her this couldn't be done. I don't know if it really cant be done or its just a big hassle and would be expensive and time consuming to develop and test. I have seen a few apps that claim to do collection sorting but the client said they have tried them already and they don't do what she needs them to do. So I am here asking people more experienced if this is something to pursue or not. Right now she is basically hiring someone full time to baby sit the collections and manually one by one place these on the admin page. Every time a new batch of products get uploaded it needs to be done again and there are over 20k products. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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