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Hi! I'm creating a Shopify flow action, there are 2 fields that I would like to receive:

  • (if it's provided by the trigger, it's optional)


And I'm having problems with the second one, because the person who use my Action has to setup this field manually in the UI.

Is there anyway to set a default value for a custom field? For example, this is how my `shopify.extension.toml` looks like:


  type = "order_reference"
  required = true

  type = "single_line_text_field"
  key = "fulfillment_id"
  name = "Fulfillment ID"
value = "{{}}" // This does not exist, but this would be the idea required = false

So my action will have "{{}}" as action input by default, if it's provided by the trigger.
Is it possible to accomplish something like this?



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Hi CharlyTalavera,


Currently, Shopify Flow does not support setting default values for custom fields in a flow action. The merchant who uses your action must set up this field manually through the Shopify Flow UI.


Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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I see, thanks for your reply!