Delay Gift Card (GC) redemption at checkout

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Im looking for a way to delay/pause the application of a Gift Card (GC) on the Checkout page if the GC number begins with a predefined prefix like "WEB". If they user enters such a GC number, we prevent the GC from being applied to the Checkout. Our app will check if the GC already exist in Shopify? If it does not, call a third party API to check the balance on the GC if it exists, create the equivalent GC in Shopify and then apply the Shopify GC to the checkout. If they GC already exist in Shopify, the normal Shopify GC application to checkout and error messages will take over.

The documented React Hooks in the Shopify docs does not provide a way to achieve this behavior but I was hoping someone found an a way that is not officially documented by Shopify. Any ideas group?




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I don't believe this is possible. Is there a reason you don't want to bring the gift cards you are referencing into Shopify?