[dev] Enabling my sample theme app extension

[dev] Enabling my sample theme app extension

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Hello everyone,

I am learning how to build a shopify app that comes with a them extension, and I am having issues with enabling the sample extension suggested by shopify here https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/build/online-store/theme-app-extensions/build.
-I am also using the sample shopify qrcodes app.

I did everything as mentioned, but when comes the moment to enable the extension, the url provided in my terminal redirects me to my app's shopify partners settings. It always tells me :

"Refresh the Shopify CLI tool to apply changes to your extensions
You may be using an unsupported version of the Shopify CLI tool. Check that you are using version 3.48.0 or higher."

I don't get it, I use shopify 3.68

Could someone help me ? thank you


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