Display SKU and variant metafield on line item using Checkout UI extension

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What API do I use to display 

1. SKU

2. Variant Metafield 


on line items on checkout page using checkout UI extension?




I'm using "purchase.checkout.cart-line-item.render-after" extension target.

I see fields like id, title on CartLineItem API but not SKU/ variant metafields.






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Hey @NMaskey 


These fields are currently unavailable. I've passed along your feedback!

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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oh! We use variant metafield to display actual title of the product and is very essential for us to show this field and SKU on our checkout page line items sections. Right now, we have checkout.liquid customizations in place. We will not be able to migration to new checkout unless we have this feature.

Let me know when this will be possible. Thanks.

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I wanna know the solution too thanks for asking