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I have created shopify app with checkout-ui extension. 

In extension toml config file i see this by default:


key = "banner_title"
type = "single_line_text_field"
name = "Banner title"
description = "Enter a title for the banner"
I want to set the value in the app for field in extensions settings via api. It is possible? 

Actually my aim is to create a visible field for merchant with predefined value which i can access from app and  from extension. It is possible? I have tried ti use app-data metafields, but still extensions doe'snt have access to app-data metafields. I have tried to set values for extension meta fields via app and admin api, no luck. Any better way?
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Hi Dixor,


It looks like the Checkout UI Extensions API does not support setting the value of a field in the extension settings via API. These settings are primarily designed to be configured by a merchant directly in the Shopify admin.


The metafields that you define in the extension configuration toml file are not meant to be via an API call, they're meant to used from within the extension's code to read/write data related to the checkout.


If you want to share data between your app and your extension, you may need to set up your own backend service to store this data and make it accessible to both your app and your extension.

You can the fetch function in your extension to read data from your backend service. 


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thanks Liam! Appreciate your reply and trying to help me.

As I use remix app builder which runs on node server, i already have prisma db client with custom model to save app related custom data. But i am not sure if i have able to retrieve data from db inside checkout UI extension. How i could achieve it?

Also may be there are other ways is to create meta field definition? Or meta object? So via admin API in app i can set value and inside extension receive it?
Or may be one other way is to use some cart attributes?

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I was able to create meta field via admin api with ownerId = shop Global ID And i see in checkout UI the value of it. The problem that this value is old. I set this value on webhook CHECKOUTS_CREATE so may be that why the value is old.

In checkout-ui i have this




export default extension("purchase.checkout.delivery-address.render-before", async (root,{ appMetafields }) => {





But how i can get the fresh value? If there some other webhook like before CHECKOUTS_CREATE so checkout-ui will get fresh appMetafields object?

As the original questions was answered, i decide to create new questions to help rise community and help other devs.

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Any help please?