Error with shopify theme extension

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I had created a theme app extension using the tutorial in the documentation. When I run `npm run dev`, I get an unexpected error with no stack trace. The flag is turned on to document it.


10:49:33 │ extensions │ ✗ An unexpected error occurred.
10:49:33 │ extensions │ 	To ttps://
n=3.48.2&ruby_version=2.7.8p225&shell=%2Fbin%2Fzshsubmit an issue;; include the stack trace.
10:49:33 │ extensions │ 


Please help. I've been trying to get my extension to show up in the theme editor and it doesn't appear. I believe this error is blocking me from seeing it.


The embedded app works fine. It's the extension app that is causing issues.

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I have the EXACT same problem. Any updates in here?