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 Hi, We are developing a shopify app that currently still in draft mode not publish yet
We want to ask if before publish, is the app available to have versioning that will allowed the test store to update to the app to newer version?

We want to test on the versioning feature, before we publish it to public

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Hi JackL,


If you want to roll out a new version of your app, you'd generally deploy the new version on your servers, then in your test stores you'd "upgrade" to the new version by reinstalling the app. You can use the same "install app" link as when you first installed it in your test store, and the store should get the new version of the app.


If you have made changes in your app's configuration through the Shopify Partners dashboard (for example, changing the permissions required by your app), you will need to reinstall the app for those changes to take effect, because the existing install link contains only the permissions that were selected when it was generated.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam,


In my case we mainly is having issue of app not updated when I made a changes on the app that in the Shopify Partners Dashboard(using `shopify app deploy`)


In conclusion, you mean if in the draft mode, even if I created a new version(as the attachment below), the dev store that with the app installed will not able to test on the `upgrade` to new version, we only able to `upgrade` it from uninstall and install the app again right?