Extension only apps - deployment process

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Hi all,
The issue is with regards to deployment of the extension-only-app
This is the process I followed:
  • Create an extension-only app with: npm init @Shopify/app@latest
  • generated ( product discount ) extension: npm run shopify app generate extension
  • Testing store get everything working  ( run mutation to create discount app etc. )
  • npm run deploy
  • On shopify partners

- go to app and create a distribution

- copy link and install on store ( I am installing on a plus store )

On the store when click on create a discount code I see that there is and extra option. Which seems correct as it created the same on the test store.
Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.54.00.png

But products just are not discounted according to the conditions I setup in the product-discount function


I tried throwing an error in the shopify function, I assume it should show a notification in the store that a error is occuring with an app. But this is also unsuccessful 
Am missing something with regards to the deployment process?
Any help will be appreciated.
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