Getting 404 when loading order status page with Cloudflare tunnel with UI extension locally

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I am developing a Checkout UI extension locally, and am leveraging the shopify dev tool to do so. Specifically, I am targeting the order status part of the checkout


target = "customer-account.order-status.block.render"



Previously, I was able to load and see my extension once I finished checkout through the cloudflare tunnel.


However, I had to remove the app and recreate a new one due to reasons, but now I am not able to get to the extension to load at all, and arrive at a 404 page instead after the thank you page which leads me to


and loads this 

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 9.51.09 AM.png

Now, my order page shows this instead

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.05.31 AM.png

 and not this one

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.07.25 AM.png

 Not sure what went wrong with my setup

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Hey @asamlaksa have you managed to fix the issue? I'm having a rather strange similar issue on my end. The extension keeps trying to load the cloudflare tunnel URL from local development setup even though I've disabled developer preview. Tried reinstalling app but nothing helped. Any advice would be appreciated!


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