Gift Cards & Multi Entity online x POS connection

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We are looking into new POS systems, and the natural choice for us would be Shopify POS as we are having all our online shops on Shopify. However, we are facing a few issues which I hope that someone could help me answer.


1. All of our online stores are linked to 1 legal entity in Denmark, but are devided into 5 unique stores that's market specified. One of the stores is targetted our German market, where we also would like to add a Shopify POS account. However, the POS (brick and mortar shop) is located in Germany and linked to another legal entity. Is there any way that this can work? We would need to be able to split transactions between two legal entities, and if gift cards and returns would be made, we would have to do financial transactions between those two enitites as well. Does anyone of you have an idea about how such setup could look like? 

2. If we are not going with Shopify POS, but choose a 3p POS system, how would we then sync gift cards between Shopify and the 3p POS system? When looking into Shopify's API documentation on the Gift Card endpoint, it's clear that you wont get access to the entire gift card code, but only the last 4 characters which makes it hard to create the gift card in a POS system to make it possible for the customer to be able to redeem it online and in-store. Does anyone have a similar setup that works? 

Hope to here from you. 

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Hi KristofferSR

Regarding #2 We are having the same issues.

If we setup a gift card via the API in-store we can store the generated ID and use that for subsequent calls but where cards are sold online we never get to know the generated ID so have no means of making API calls on those cards.

There is a lookup via the last 4 digits but that would potentially not resolve to a single card.

Did you manage to get any feedback?

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Hi Andy, 

I have got feedback from the API team, and the gift card code API response is limited to the last 4 characters for security reasons, which ofc makes sense. Unfortunelately, we haven't found a solution to this issue yet. The POS systems which we are looking at that integrates with Shopify does not have a gift card sync either, so it seems like the limitations on gift card codes is not only limited to API users but also app partners. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have found a workaround to this.