How to change the extension of an app

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I have an app on my partner board with a theme-app-extension. It is a Laravel app. Usually when I want to push my extension I do
-shopify login

-cd theme-app-extension

-shopify extension connect

-shopify extension push


But recently a new dev misclicked and chose "Custom Distribution" but the app is using the reccuring billing api which is not supported by a "Custom Distribution" app. So we created a new app on the partner board, changed the API_KEY in our .env in our local code (It is from where we usually push extension).

As it is said here ( Theme app extensions can only be created via CLI. The thing is we are unable to create an theme for the new app. No matter what we do the console says either the command does not exist like "shopify extension create" or that the app already has a registered extension.


The backend if successfully pushed onto the new app. But when we do shopify extension push it push the extension on the old app and we can't do "shopify extension connect" since no extension exist for this app because we can't create it from the board.


How can we achieve what we wanna do. We are out of solution !

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I changed the API_KEY in the .env of the already existing theme-app-extension folder and try to do "shopify extension register" but I get this


It's almost like if I need to add an extension ID so he knows where to push and register but I need to register to get an extension ID