How to fetch checkoutSettings via api / hooks?

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Is there any way from an extension (Checkout UI) to read what settings the merchant has applied to their checkout page from admin side?


My example is "Customer Information" panel where a merchant can set if Organisation field is mandatory/optional or don't include. I can see there is a graphql api out there which can return the data but not sure if it's exposed to developers? 


"checkoutSettings": {
                "customizations": {
                    "firstNameFieldMode": "OPTIONAL",
                    "companyFieldMode": "OPTIONAL",
                    "address2FieldMode": "OPTIONAL",
                    "phoneFieldMode": "REQUIRED",
                    "__typename": "CheckoutSettingsCustomizations"




Is there any way to fetch similiar data or to determine from Checkout UI extension if the merchant has set organisation field to Don't include / Optional / Required?

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