Re: Is it possible to use checkout customizations to show hide the delivery methods

Is it possible to use checkout customizations to show hide the delivery methods

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I would like to know if its possible to show or hide delivery methods in the information screen? Im setting up a store where some product variants can only be shipped and others can only be picked up at stores participating stores. Since there are many partricipating stores that have not shared inventories, is there a way to do this using a method like checkout customizations?


thank you. 

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Hi Ettiene,


This could be a more complex situation than it looks as you may need to manage a situation where a checkout has both shipped and non-shipped products. It is possible to customise the shipping methods though, so this could be possible via methods described here

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thank you for your response Liam


What I did to address the case where a checkout could have both shippable and non shippable products was to add a validation in the cart page so that each order has to be either all shippable or all non-shippable products. 


What i cant find is how to hide the delivery method toggle using the customizations. 



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Hi @Ettiene,

did you find any solution for this to hide/show the delivery Methods?
if Yes which function/extension you used to achieve this thing?

your help will be very helpfull for us.

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Can we add a condition, where if all products are pick_up and we need to hide other option in checkout.
Actually I wanted to add delivery options in Product page, and whichever options is selected in product page shall we displayed in cart page, and some conditions too, as I mentioned above in 1st line.
Is it possible to do so using shopify functions - delivery customization?