Issue activating App Embed Blocks via Deep Linking

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As far as I can tell there seems to be a bug with enabling App Embed Blocks via Deep Linking. Unless I'm doing something incorrectly, in which case please let me know.

Following the instructions found here, I've created a deep link to activate an app embed block: 

Upon navigating to the link above it takes the user to the desired Theme Settings - App Embeds Tab and notifies the user that the app embed block has been enabled. However, it has in fact NOT been enabled. Which can been seen when refreshing of the theme editor or viewing the store preview. (manually going to the theme settings and enabling via mouse click does persist the activation)

I've included an mp4 to show the issue.


(As a related note, it would also be nice if the deep link enabled the app embed block AND saved the changes, so that isn't also a UX stumbling block for merchants)

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I'm facing the same issue except I would like to activate app block and I do have the EXACT same thought about activating and SAVE for users as they may not be aware of what to do upon reaching the editor.


Hope this gets answered by someone....

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@Shopify maybe can help? I've the same issue.


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Have you checked the following contents?


It must enable the developer preview or publish the extension.

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