Issue Gift Cards and redeem them from the checkout session

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Extending Shopify Checkout for On-the-Fly Gift Card Issuance and Redemption

Hello Shopify Community,

I've been exploring the capabilities of Shopify Extensibility and Shopify Functions, specifically regarding the customization of the Shopify Checkout experience with gift cards. My goal is to enhance the checkout process by automatically issuing and redeeming gift cards based on certain customer actions. However, I'm facing some challenges and would appreciate any guidance or solutions you might have.


Issuing and redeeming Third-Party Gift Cards: I want to allow customers to redeem third-party gift cards during their checkout. The process would involve the customer entering their third-party gift card number into a custom UI field, upon which a Shopify gift card with equivalent value would be automatically created and applied to their current session. This would require some form of checkout customization, possibly involving GraphQL API requests, to act as a proxy between Shopify and the third-party gift card provider. How can I implement this feature to create and redeem Shopify gift cards on the fly from the checkout?

Any insights, experiences, or advice on achieving these functionalities would be immensely helpful. I'm particularly interested in any existing Checkout Extensibility APIs, Shopify Functions, or custom development strategies that could facilitate these processes.


Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards, Pavel

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i dont believe functions is going to allow you to do that. any reason not to just move the gift cards into shopify?