Loading custom tag on Checkout pages like TikTok app

Loading custom tag on Checkout pages like TikTok app

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Hi, community.


I'm creating an app that loads pixel tracking code and leverages Customer Events to track customer activity. I'm trying to find a way to include my pixel code in the checkout pages.


I've tried:

Meanwhile, TikTok official Shopify app somehow loads its <script>-s to the <head> section even on the checkout pages. Also noticed that `trekkie` lib has it in its config. 


Is there a documented way to add pixel script to the <head/> on checkout pages by creating a custom app? Or TikTok has its own "partner" way to integrate with Shopify?

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Hi @Shftlvch Did you find a way to get a script tag on the checkout page for Shopify Plus merchants? I have found a manual workaround for merchants where they can manually add the script tag JS code directly inside the head tag of the checkout.liquid file and it works. Do you know if there's anyway to replicate this in the backend and automate it in an app?