Order Admin UI Extensions occasionally cache the last order ID

Order Admin UI Extensions occasionally cache the last order ID

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Our app makes use of Admin UI extensions to allow merchants to easily look up checks from a given order or customer from the Shopify dashboard: https://getverdict.com/help/docs/shopify/opening-id-checks


It's been working well for over a year now.


However, recently we've observed that intermittently Shopify will use the _last_ resource ID instead of the current resource ID for the redirect.


For example, a merchant was viewing order with an ID of 11111111, but later they view order 2222222, and when they use the Admin UI extension they will be redirected to order 11111111 instead.


This is highly confusing to merchants, and they believe we have the bug but I can see Shopify's redirect URL intermittently give the incorrect value.


For example, here's a redirect from Shopify's dashboard to our embedded app:



The `id` query parameter is 11111111111111, but in fact the merchant was viewing order 222222222222. The ID parameter passed to the Admin UI extension URL is incorrect or perhaps cached.


Please let me know if I can provide any further details, but at this point I'm convinced there's a caching issue happening intermittently within Shopify Admin UI extensions.

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