Order is null on checkout_completed event

Order is null on checkout_completed event

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our app was recently extended with a web pixel extension to send a beacon call on the `checkout_completed` event.


This is perfectly working in 99% of the cases but sometimes, it is sending the `order` property is null. 


All other properties are filled with data but these payloads are useless to us because we can no longer associate them with other information. 


Help (a fix, tbh) would be much appreciated.




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Hi @SebastianJonas,


Thanks for your post. For something that happens intermittently we're not able to troubleshoot over the forums where we rely on being able to replicate the issue. 


If you're still experiencing this please reach out to Support with more specific details about an example including a date/time/timezone within the past 7 days when it happened and the shop and app involved.


Thanks and hope you have a great day

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Its been over a month merchants facing this issue and shopify is not interested in solving this issue. Shopify support is helpless, they are non technical i) they did not understand the problem and just sending documentation link ii) if they understand in 2-3 days they forward the request and your ticket will be remained open for months and there will be no response from shopify. I see your batch you are from shopify staff but I guess you are helpless too because you are also suggesting shopify support.


There are number of people facing this issue from over a month and shopify did not want to solve its issue and send all the load to Google and Facebook analytics.


you can read the community posts, hope you will understand.








there are many others.


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@ShopifyDevSup are you able to provide updates on this issue? there are quite a number of threads on this topic within the past year, with no workaround solution/fixes made available.