Pricing Adjustment For Prorated App Subscription Plans

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Hi all. 

During the development of the application with the possibility of subscribe to different plans, I encountered the problem of the price adjustment that is made to the merchant when he upgrades or downgrades the plans.

Basically we are offering different plans and it works like this. Plan 1 with a cost of 10€: 5 free shipping and discount of 2€ for each shipping after the 5th; Plan 2 with a cost fo 20€: 10 free shipping and 4€ discount on shippings after the 10th. Now if a merchant chooses plan 2 and uses all 10 free shipping and then downgrades to plan 1, it means that the merchant will get credits as well those extra 5 free shipping. This means losing for the us. How can we avoid this loss?

I also found other questions very similar to mine, like this one:

As the guy suggest, could it be a good solution to charge the merchant through the usage subscription to compensate for these losses?

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