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Hello Developers!
I am new to shopify development and I have a client who want to import daily inventory details from vendor website. There are more than 15 lac products on that vendor.

I have managed to create script for bulk uploading on daily basis but i was wondering how much time it'll take to complete 1 iteration as vendor website changes inventory every other minute and we have to copy those values almost immediately.

Can anyone guide about number of products imported per second using API so that we can come to conclusion about how many iteration are possible per day.


Thanks in advance.


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There are different API limits depending on the APIs you are using.  Are you using the graphql API ?


Also if you have a script can't you just run it to see?


I use graphql to send products and inventory from my pre-existing site to shopify and to pull order data from shopify into my pre-existing site.  I'm also still in the testing phase but the scripts seem to work.


I think one thing that can speed things up is to pull batches of the data from shopify and then "diff" it locally to try to determine the exact writes you need to make back to shopify because there are more limits on writing than reading.  Then write the diffs for that batch back and rotate onto the next set.