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Hi, we are currently finishing up our Shopify store and one of the last requirements is that the store can comunicate with SAP business ONE, when an order is placed, fulfilled, canceled or reimbursed. WE have previously worked with SAP Integrations on other platforms, and the people who had helped us before have this questions and want to address them to someone in shopify that can answer them. Shopify support referred us to ask in the community, so here are the concerns:


1. Do Shopify has the ability to send information through a POST to a custom API for the generation of Orders, Invoices and Generation of new clients?

2. We are looking to integrate the invoice stamping (in this case SAT, the mexican IRS) option in the store. Do you have any supplier/apps recommendations for this process? Or perhaps, is there one that facilitates the transfer of information to Shopify, thus allowing Shopify to share that data with the API mentioned above?

3. Do Shopify have Webhooks to update inventory and items? (I know Shopify does use webhooks, but I don't know where are the details of how to use them)


Hope someone can help us, thanks in advance!

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HI Industronicshop,


1. I'm not 100% sure what you mean here for using a "custom API" to generate store events, but I'm linking our dev docs for POST requests for creating a new order, a draft order, and new customers.


2. From searching the Shopify App Store, there's some apps like FiscalPOP that help with Mexican invoicing - you could try this out?


3. In Shopify, webhooks are typically used to "tell" your app when an event occurs, eg: when a new order is made a webhook can fire that transfers information about that new order to your app. You can read our docs on them here, and see all the available webhooks (which include inventory) here. 


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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