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Hello developers,

I am creating a product customizer.
Since a product can only have one template, I am currently faced with the question of how to integrate the second template with the customizer. I can of course work with a popup or an overlay, but I would prefer to have a separate customer page where all the product data is transferred. In other words, a second product template that can be accessed via a button.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hello @ManfredMuc,

I think integrating your customizer in a popup that activates with a "Customize" button could really benefit your SEO. This setup allows you to include SEO-optimized product descriptions and other helpful information, like user reviews, without slowing things down—since the customizer can be preloaded, it'll appear to load faster too.

That said, if you're aiming for a more immersive experience where the customizer takes center stage without any distractions, opting for a separate page might be the way to go.

I'm not sure which platform you're using to build your customizer, but if it's Kickflip, you're in luck. Both options should work seamlessly right out of the box. You can check out our documentation about that for more details or contact our support and we'll help you out.

Additionally, here are a couple of articles on optimizing your custom product page and product customizer integration to your online store that might be useful.

Hope this helps!


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