Seeking Guidance on Implementing Wishlist Functionality for Shopify POS (Shopify POS Extensions App)

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Greetings Shopify Community,

I'm currently in the process of developing a new feature for our Shopify POS system called "Wishlist," aimed at enhancing customer experience and streamlining sales processes. I seek advice and insights on how best to accomplish this task.

Key Functionalities:

For New Customers:
1. Customer Creation: New customers are seamlessly created within Shopify POS.
2. Customer Management: Customers can be added or removed via the "Add Customer / Remove Customer" tile.
3. Wishlist Interface: Upon customer creation, a dedicated "Wishlist" tile is initiated, featuring three essential buttons: "Save Wishlist," "Generate PDF," and "Create Order."
4. Product Integration: The Wishlist tile incorporates a comprehensive list of available products, facilitating easy addition to the customer's wishlist.
5. Save Wishlist: Clicking the "Save Wishlist" button archives the list to a database (utilizing Prisma with SQLite/MongoDB).
6. Generate PDF: The "Generate PDF" function produces a printable list, stored locally on the POS device for further distribution to customers via WhatsApp.
7. Create Order: The "Create Order" button initiates the purchase process for the customer.

For Existing Customers:
1. Wishlist Retrieval: Upon loading, the system retrieves and displays previously saved wishlists for returning customers.
2. Dynamic Wishlist Management: Admin is empowered to update, add, or remove products from the selected customer's wishlist as needed.
3. Button Functionality: The actions triggered by the "Save Wishlist," "Generate PDF," and "Create Order" buttons remain consistent with the functionality outlined for new customers.


Additionally, I've already created an extension app for the Shopify POS but have encountered challenges in connecting it to the database. My specific query pertains to whether it's feasible to connect the POS extension app to a database and, if so, the recommended approach for achieving this integration.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about any similar implementations or recommended approaches from the community. Your expertise and suggestions are highly valued.


Thank you for your assistance!

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