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I have a problem with my Shopify liquid extension on vs code gives me this error: 

from C:/Ruby32-x64/lib/ruby/3.2.0/rubygems.rb:282:in `activate_bin_path'
  from C:/Users/USER/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/theme-check-language-server:25:in `<main>'
[Info  - 9:44:12 PM] Connection to server got closed. Server will restart.
[Error - 9:44:12 PM] Server initialization failed.
  Message: Pending response rejected since connection got disposed
  Code: -32097
[Error - 9:44:12 PM] Theme Check Language Server client: couldn't create connection to server.
  Message: Pending response rejected since connection got disposed
  Code: -32097
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Hi Yassir1,


It looks like you're having some problems activating RubyGems, as well as unable to initialize the theme-check-language-server. It's possible this is due to issues with your Ruby environment setup. Some factors that this could be due to are:

  • A mismatch between the expected Ruby version and the one being used.
  • A missing or misconfigured gem that the language server relies on.
  • Conflicts between multiple Ruby installations, leading to the wrong version or gemset being used.

To resolve the issue you should check that the Ruby PATH setup, ensure the correct Ruby version is being used, and verify that all required gems are installed and accessible.


Hope this helps!


Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Which Ruby version is recommended? I installed the latest one.