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i want to check how may i integrate the shopify POS with third party. we have a retail store in a shopping mall. and this mall has a requirement to get an automatic report of daily sales for our shop. so i want only to integrate the POS for this specific location to reflect the daily sales to mall. attached is a guideline from the mall

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Hey @noorodeh without knowing how the mall's system works it would be a little difficult to provide exact details and dealing with third party systems is something my team (Developer Support), can't help with explicitly, but to get started the easiest way to do this would likely be through the Orders API. You can use the  URL query parameters to filter the API response to include only orders from a certain timeframe.

You would have to either calculate the total daily sales cost of the orders through a function you'd need to code, or through another third party integration. Hope this helps!


Al | Shopify Developer Support

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