Shopify started sending 403 api has been disabled when authenticating

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I have an application that for 2 weeks already is receiving 403 api from shopify,
API access has been disabled.
If you report this error, please include this id: e0c11cad-b507-431c-bd58-fb115bdca33a

This is thrown when calling validateAuthenticatedSession (internally function hasValidAccessToken). This code was taken using an updated code from documentation.
This is happening for all our clients (both development and production).
I tried updating all dependencies to latest shopify version to no avail.

"@shopify/shopify-api": "7.2.0",
"@shopify/shopify-app-express": "2.1.2",
"@shopify/app-bridge": "3.7.7",
"@shopify/app-bridge-utils": "3.5.1",
"@shopify/shopify-app-session-storage-mysql": "1.1.6",
"@shopify/app": "3.46.1",
"@shopify/cli": "3.46.1"
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this is effecting all current customers.

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