Shopify Theme app extension : assets files not updating

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I am developing a shopify theme app extension.
I deployed a first version of the extension on my dev store (quickstart wth populated data). Now I want to update this version, especially the assets files (one .js and one .css).
So I run "shopify app deploy". This creates a new app version, but it seems the assets files are not updated on the Shopify side. I can see it on the editor, the extension is still the old version. It seems only the app config and the .liquid file are taken into account.

Here are the logs after running "Shopify app deploy" :

Releasing a new app version as part of alesia

extensionName │ Running theme check on your Theme app extension...
extensionName │
extensionName │ Bundling theme extension extensionName...

╭─ success ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╮
│ │
│ New version released to users. │
│ │
│ alesia-12 │
│ │

I would be grateful for any help 🙂
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