Theme App Extension - Publish version is applied to all themes automatically

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Shopify app extensions when deploying will have a new version published and automatically on every merchant and every theme it is updated. It has pros and cons, but the one of the con is catastrophic.


Imagine that we have developed a App block that relies on certain files presence or code presence within the theme that is open for customization, when we release a new version of the app block we must pray that we have developed supporting all the customization case that we can think off and that it is retro-compatible.


Would be great to have at the merchant side the ability to select App extension version and at the Shopify partner side where to define Release Candidates versions, LTS etc. And even create a certain flow for which certain versions are supported only for a certain amount of time like Shopify API is doing.

Anyone has an idea? If it is currently within the roadmap or there is anything that would help my case to have a better version control?




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+1. I raised this problem years ago. Back then there was an option to test the extension in dev store. But now it is removed as well so I could not find an official way to test it.