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I'm creating an app that will retrieve abandoned carts and display the items in them. For this purpose, I need a theme extension. Which extension from the list should I select to fulfill my requirements?

Type of extension? Type to search...

> Admin action
Admin block
Customer segment template
Product configuration
Subscription UI
Validation Settings - UI Extension

Web pixel
> Flow action
Flow trigger

Customer account
Customer account UI (preview for dev stores only)

Discounts and checkout
Checkout UI
Post-purchase UI
Cart and checkout validation - Function
Cart transformer - Function
Delivery customization - Function
Discount orders - Function
Discount products - Function
Discount shipping - Function
Discounts allocator — Function
Fulfillment constraints - Function
Local pickup delivery option generators — Function
Payment customization - Function
Pickup point delivery option generators — Function

Online store
Theme app extension


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