Using theme app extensions to render custom cart item properties differently

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Hi everyone, our app uses custom properties when adding products to the cart, which we like render as a button in the cart page.

Currently we ask our customers to update the liquid-code of their shopping cart to make that happen.

One of the benefits listed for theme app extensions is preventing merchants to edit their theme code. But as far as I know, theme app extensions don't allow to change rendering of cart items using the theme editor just yet, because themes have their own implementation of rendering the items (example code in Dawn).

This means I'd still need to require customers to make changes in their theme's liquid file responsible for rendering the cart items.

Is that correct or am I missing something here?

Any suggestions on how to prevent our customers having to edit code would be greatly appreciated.


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What is the reason why adding attributes to the dawn 2.0 theme in this way does not take effect?


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Hi YuChen, I'm not sure but that's a different issue than the one I'm looking for answers for.